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Combining proven battery technology with proven hydrogen fuel cell technology to showcase and commercialize new powertrain technologies that are cost effective and future friendly.

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Changing the Way the World Thinks About Hydrogen in Vehicles

Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, Hybrid Energy strives to pursue the continued evolution of the vehicle powertrain as we know it today, to help deliver the powertrain of tomorrow, with a focus on hydrogen fuel cell integrations into electric drivetrains.



Delivering the expertise necessary to achieve the ideal hydrogen implementation for specific applications 

Products & Services

Plug & Play Fuel Cell Modules

Development of hydrogen fuel cell modules designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of battery electric powertrains with features specific to the vehicle needs. Benefits include reduced total cost of ownership, extended run-times, reduced charge times, reduced battery size/weight/cost, immediate emergency backup power, freeing up space currently required for battery storage, and more.


Robust expertise

Extensive technical expertise and industry relationships in subject matters including: vehicle powertrains, battery-electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, and fuel cell battery-electric hybrid vehicles, with capacities from 1kW to 150kW+, in a wide range of vehicles (on-road, off-road, transportation, utility & material handling, underground, marine, aeronautical, and more).

Wide-ranging applications

On-road vehicles, industrial vehicles, off-road vehicles, non-road vehicles, utility vehicles, aerial work platforms, aerodrome ramp equipment, underground equipment, ice resurfacers, material handling, off-grid backup power, and more. 



Projects designed to demonstrate commercial feasibility and a commitment to a greener future

Hybrid Energy hybridizes vehicles for partner organizations looking to evaluate the technology and the commercial feasibility of expanding their product offerings, or for partners looking to establish their commitment to a sustainable, emission-free future of vehicles.

Hybrid Energy's vehicle demonstration project roles include: Project conception & management, powertrain design and construction, data collection and business modeling, project awareness & promotion, and product commercialization.

Commercialization Program
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