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Redefining the Way 
We Move

Hybrid Energy Inc. has produced a hydrogen fuel cell-focused technology which leverages the advantages of battery-electric vehicles while eliminating the downfalls of the battery’s size & weight and impractically long recharge times.  By merging the advantages of fuel cell technology and battery power into a hybrid power source, Hybrid Energy is leading the evolution into a new economically and environmentally advantageous standard for transportation.

The founders of Hybrid Energy met when collaborating on the development of advanced electronic motor controllers for battery-electric vehicles for a wide variety of both on- and off-road uses.  The successful establishment of that technology inspired patent-pending work on this further evolution which incorporates hydrogen fuel cells into those same vehicle drive trains.

Hybrid Energy’s technology meets the world’s dire need to end the production of combustion, exhaust-heavy engines and replaces them with electrically powered vehicles that are both emission-free and cost-effective.


Leadership Team

_X3_0647 - Richard Hughes - Crop -

Richard Hughes, PEng

Founder & CEO

Richard Hughes has 25+ years of experience bringing new solutions and technologies to the marketplace with a distinctly infectious enthusiasm for solving real world problems with elegant solutions and assembling the right teams to ensure critical thought and positive momentum.


This particular technology is the culmination of over 20 years on the track away from combustion and toward battery-electric vehicles and then hydrogen fuel cell hybrids, with many of the faces below having participated in the best moments of this and/or other successful RH-led projects.

Engineering Degree from Queen’s University, ME, Nuclear option, 

MBA from York University.

_X3_0611 - Aidan Porter - Crop -

Aidan Porter

Corporate Development

& Strategy

Aidan Porter was invited to participate in Hybrid Energy's success after accumulating 7+ years of Corporate Development and Strategy 

knowledge and skills in the banking, finance, and electric vehicle industries.


Aidan fulfills the key role of integrating Hybrid Energy’s Business and Technology interests and bridging leadership vision with team outputs.

Honours Business Administration, Ivey Business School at Western University, Canada. Graduated with Ivey Scholar status (top 10% of program).


BSc Business and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics exchange, Sweden.

_X3_0297 - Kerry MacMullin - Crop -

Kerry MacMullin

Stakeholder Relations

Kerry MacMullin was invited to participate in Hybrid Energy's success after 20+ years of completing successful projects in the non-profit and for-profit social enterprise and public sectors. Founder and former President of a five-business Cooperative Social Enterprise with shared Environmental and Labour Ethical business interests, Kerry began consulting full time on Engagement-centric Change Management Projects six years ago, favouring triple bottom line projects like Hybrid Energy. Kerry has completed contracts on two Richard Hughes led projects prior and has kept track of Hybrid Energy’s development through the years in hopes of getting to join the effort to maximize internal and external relationships.

B.Soc. Sciences (Sociology/Anthropology with Communications Studies minor) from Carleton University; Con Ed in: Business Development, Leadership Coaching, Project Management, Risk Management, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Clear Writing, Training Development. Prosci-ADKAR Change Management Certified.

_X3_0387 - Brad LaFlamme - Crop -

Brad LaFlamme

Technology Applications

Brad LaFlamme was invited to participate in Hybrid Energy's success after 40+ years of achievements in electronics, designing circuit boards and prototypes, troubleshooting consumer electronics, training teams on Natural Gas and Propane Conversion Technology, developing new products for the electric vehicle market place (including AC and DC Motor controllers), developing new models of cell phones and developing graphic boards.


Brad now only accepts contract electronic engineering projects that both pique his interest and require his depth and breadth of accumulated skill/experience to create custom solutions. His spare time is spent as a car enthusiast and gear head to his home workshop-built 800-horsepower 1971 Camaro hot rod. 

Brad completed contracts on two Richard Hughes led projects and one Darius Vakili led project.
Electronics Engineering Technician program, Conestoga College.

_X3_0504 - Darius Vakili - Crop -

Darius Vakili

Electronic Technology

Darius Vakili was invited to participate in Hybrid Energy's success after 40+ years professional experience Designing Services in Power Electronics and Control; Designing and Manufacturing of Electronic Products for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles.


As the founder of EV Craft, Darius now provides Design Services in Power Electronics and Control Design; and Manufacturing products and systems which combine Electronics technologies. Darius is the Former Vice President and longstanding/current Member of the Electrical Vehicle Society of Canada. 
Darius has completed contracts on two Richard Hughes led projects and one Brad LaFlamme supported project.

BSc in Electronics and Physics, Sharif (formerly, Aryamahr) University of Technology.
Masters degree in Power Electronics and Microprocessor Control, University of Toronto.
PhD candidate Electronics, University of Toronto. 

Con. Ed. in Electronics, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Our Team
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